About My Rewards Club Policy


My Rewards Club introduces a range of tailored loyalty cards aimed at meeting the unique needs of our valued customers, providing them with exclusive rewards. Upon joining the program, members are initially issued a Red Card, and through the accumulation of points, they can upgrade to either the Gold Card or Platinum Card.


Customers can subscribe to the My Rewards Club at any cashier desk following a purchase, at our Customer Service, online through our website, or the dedicated loyalty app. Moreover, an option to join the My Rewards Club will be available upon login during the checkout process. To become a valid member, completion of the enrollment process is required, including providing accurate personal details and accepting the Program Terms. Upon successful enrollment, members will receive a confirmation email, making them eligible to start earning points.


The more members engage with the Loyalty Program, the more points they accumulate. Points, redemptions, promotions, and other associated benefits or services are the exclusive property of the company and hold no cash value, excluding VAT. The company will not compensate or provide cash for any unused or forfeited points, excluding VAT. Members are strictly prohibited from bartering or selling points for cash. Each earned point is valid for one year from the addition date, excluding VAT. Members are responsible for staying informed about the Program Rules and any changes, with the company reserving the right to terminate the Loyalty Program, either in part or entirely, with one month's advance notice to all active Loyalty Members, excluding VAT. Continued participation after any rule changes constitutes acceptance of the updated terms.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the Loyalty Program is free and open to individuals who: (a) are 18 years of age and above (b) have the legal authority to agree to the Program Rules (c) provide valid and accurate personal information during enrollment (d) reside in a jurisdiction that legally permits participation in the Loyalty Program, excluding VAT.

Card Types & Upgrades Under the My Home Loyalty Program, members can enjoy the following benefits:

• RED CARD: Earn 1 point for every 1000 LBP spent, excluding VAT. Upon reaching 100 points, members can exchange them for a 1000 LBP value digital voucher. When 30,000 points are accumulated, members are upgraded to the Gold Card with additional benefits, excluding VAT.

• GOLD CARD: Holders earn double points (2 points for every 1000 LBP spent), excluding VAT. Upon reaching 120,000 points, members are upgraded to the Platinum Card with increased privileges and rewards, excluding VAT.

• PLATINUM CARD: Members earn triple points (3 points for every 1000 LBP spent), excluding VAT.

• B2B CARD: Company employees and associates in roles such as architects and stylists may join the B2B Program by completing required forms and submitting necessary documents for eligibility, excluding VAT.

Benefits of Membership

My Home Loyalty Program Members can earn points in connection with purchases of goods and/or services made through Company Home Deco & more Lebanon, whether online or from physical locations, as defined by the card type, excluding VAT. Points are accrued regardless of the payment method, provided that the Loyalty Card is presented/entered at the time of purchase. Depending on their card category, members may receive offers, promotions, or vouchers, excluding VAT. As a Loyal Member, you will enjoy prompt sales notifications, discounts, and announcements. For detailed benefits of each Card Type, please visit the Loyalty Program page, excluding VAT.

Points Redemption

Loyalty Program Members can redeem their accumulated points on the Loyalty Application. The voucher number can be used in the promo code section when purchasing online or presented to the cashier when making in-store purchases, excluding VAT. Points can be redeemed instantly at the in-store cash desk with the assistance of the cashier. Vouchers will be valid for a period of 6 months from the redemption date, excluding VAT.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, feedback, or need assistance with the My Rewards Club Program, or if you wish to update your personal information, cancel or amend details, or simply check your points balance, please contact our Customer Service.

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